Simply excellent cranes


The vast experience of JASO’s cranes in works of great extent has helped us face a new challenge in Asturias.

The construction of the viaduct on the River Narcea in Cornellana, in the Principality of Asturias, is very challenging given the distance existing between the pillars, especially between those built on either side of the river.

JASO is involved in this project which has been assigned to Acciona, along with Sertiber, the company’s distributor in the area.

Three cranes from Top Line range, J600 models, have been used in this project. These cranes are especially designed to lift heavy loads, mainly in large-scale structures such as construction of dams and special bridges.

All three cranes have an 80 meter long jib and their tip load is 5.1 tones while their maximum load is 24 tones. The cranes’ height bellow the hook ranges between 70 and 95 meters.

It is a new milestone in JASO’s history which confirms that our cranes are simply excellent.

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