Simply excellent cranes

The human side of technology

In JASO we came up with a clear conclusion: our customers do not look for cranes only. They look for rentable and efficient solutions.

And our team is the one who can come up with and give these solutions. That is why we decided to redefine our offer on the market completely by focusing our efforts on responding to the needs of our customers from a closer, more personal and high quality perspective.

What's more, we committed ourselves to creating a pioneering service of vertical customer care based on comprehensive commercial advisory which will assist you in every process, from developing tailored solutions to post-sales service. It consists of persons who will help you with your purchase management and the maintenance of the cranes.

They work for other people by creating a bond of greater understanding and better solutions.

The result is simply excellent cranes.

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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
Leonardo Da Vinci
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