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Besides having all the advantages described for the range Top Line, this series uses only one very short jib tie so the necessary distance for the assembly of the jib is reduced to only 23 metres.

If necessary, the first time assembly can be done with two first jib sections while the rest is added modularly.

What’s more, this series by JASO brings more variety to the market in terms of jib assembly, with a difference of 2,5m compared to 5m offered by other manufacturers.

Since all of the mechanisms of the crane are located within such a small distance, its assembly and handling are very easy.

Any models from this range have been designed specifically for work at heights exceeding 350 meters which is why we install drums and pulley systems, especially designed by JASO.

Box 1 Box 2 Box 3 Box 4
Range Maximum load Tip load Nº Falls
J120.10 60 m 10.000 kg 1.600 kg 2/4
J150.8.2R 65 m 8.000 kg 1.400 kg 2
J150.10 65 m 10.000 kg 1.600 kg 2/4
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